The Page of Eternal Gratitude


So this is the bit where I get to doff my cap to lots of people who have helped me along the way. It's a work in progress and everyone somehow has chipped in to helping me get here. Although I'm not sure where that is...I seem to have lost my map to the Universe. If someone's got a spare...

Omeara have had such an amazing attitude to this project. I was at the point of chucking it all in when I popped in to the venue on a last ditch "what have I got to lose" and they've come up trumps. 

Cheers guys :)

I met Jenny Jo at Drum and Basics years ago at Kmag night in Cafe1001 and then I got to meet MaryAnne. MaryAnne has been giving me a damn good education in Junglism and I'm really grateful she's going to be DJing at Daylight, and I know how much she loves DJing, so its a totoal win win. Thanks for the intro Jenny :) They even gave us a featured article on their website. BOOM SHALAK LAK BOOM!

CarersUK have very kindly agreed to come along and host the Carers Networking Area Upstairs and they'll be bringing along some resources for Carers. I can't promise a life changing experience but hopefully there will be a nice warm welcome in a rather nice space for carers, and a little break if they need it.


Point Blank is a pretty damn fine Music College. They've allowed me to do their courses as personal study becasue I dont need the points for Uni etc. Becasue of this and the fact I have crohn's they've given me the oppurtunity to catch up on lessons I've missed. The atmosphere there is really inspiring as well. It just feels like a great place to learn and the vast majority of students seem really dedicated. I've got to meet people from all over the world going there and learnt from some top end Music Industry people including Nick Ronin, Paul Rez, Danny Demataos, Stevie R, Richard Boal and Leigh Devlin. I got to doff my cap to David McHugh, College Manager, and The Support staff at the college. I wish I could bottle the essence of the place :)

One last thanks here to Stanley Li on Point Blank's Marketing team for designing a nice addition to my social media graphics.