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First order of business...Massive Thanks to Blade for doing an awesome job on the banner :)

And now I get to add massive thanks to M_A representing Drum and Basics for doing a promo mix for Daylight :)

Its official!


Thanks to CarersUk, Hart Club, Headway East London, RNIB, Scope, DASL, Omeara, Leonard Cheshire Homes, Outward, DPAC, The Pandemonium Drummers, Frazer and Archie(Guide Dogs) the volunteers who came down Jo, Jamie, Emily and my mum helped out to :) I have to give a shout to Robert Van Exel, Mike Wagner for coming down and adding to the numbers and Balamii Radio, Resonance FM, RNIB Radio,Eamonn Holmes and Talk Radio, Time Out, INews, The resident, The Londonist and TfL for helping spread the word.

I need to say a special thank you to Caroline Humphreys for being an awesome press officer

and to Jennifer Claire Wallis and Mix Mag for showing some love.

The aim was to create an event for people with disabilities and their carers and I'm amazed at the outcome. I thought it would be good to just have a party and spin some nice Jungle and DnB and it totally worked. Omeara did an amazing job!

I've never had such an amazing response from a gig. 

The sad news is I have to do an assessment phase and have some meetings so watch this space.

A lot of interesting ideas have come up.

Daylight is a BLUE BADGE event. We will require proof of need to make sure that people buying tickets have a genuine need. I know its a pain, but we need to be sure. Please bring proof of need with you. Its more likely to be needed for people with hidden disabilities though. 

Evidence Can Include Blue Badge, PIP Letter, Certificate of Imapaired Vision etc

It doesn't matter if you were born with a disability, or picked one up along the way, or you might be a parent and your little dumpling is all grown up and you'd like to share their first nightclub experience with them...


The point is that its an achievable goal for us all to enjoy.

The only thing I'll be using your details for is to contact you regarding this event, and hopefully further events.

#daylightdnb #accessiblej/dnb #accessibleevent #accessiblemusic #peaceloveunityfun